Image by Tim Mossholder

Empowering Farmers through Information Technology


eCO-SENSE Technologies is a spin-out from the Cambridge University Judge Business School, born from the EnterpriseTECH programme in early 2019. It hopes to aid global food security, especially in developing countries, by providing farmers with an ultra-low cost soil sensing kit sustainably powered by a biophotovoltaic cell.

The Problem with global food security

The global population is currently 7.7 billion and rising: UN projections expect the population to reach over 9 billion by 2050. Based on current farming output, the Earth will not have enough food to ensure food security. While farming in high-income countries is highly industrialised and optimised for maximum yields, the model of farming in developing countries differs and is mainly based on fragmented small holdings with limited access to technology.

India is one of the developing countries with the highest potential to increase farming efficiency. It is estimated that the current yields are only 30% of what they could be if modern information technology is fully utilised.

eCO-SENSE gives farmers access to modern sensing technologies.

Image by Annie Spratt